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Meet our Associate Sponsor: ZYKRR. Their support drives our mission to transform customer experiences and loyalty through innovation and digital insights.

Zykrr is an AI/ML-enabled experience management platform that provides actionable insights, customer centricity, and accountability across organizations. Our platform automates critical CX management functions, delivering exceptional customer experiences. With advanced feedback software, Zykrr empowers businesses to make better decisions, leading to high Net Promoter Score, customer retention, loyalty, and profitability. Zykrr offers a comprehensive solution, understanding customers, enhancing offerings, measuring ROI, managing channels, and optimizing products and marketing. Our goal is to maximize revenue and profits.

According to Kanchan Khera, Founder and CEO of Zykrr, our action-ready insights bridge CX gaps and have a significant business impact in the long term. Our platform helps enterprises identify evolving CX trends, providing a customizable solution to fit clients’ needs. Zykrr serves clients across industries like BFSI, hospitals, healthcare, hospitality, aviation, retail, automotive, education, and logistics. Some notable clients include Bajaj Auto, GoMechanic, Manipal Hospitals, Medanta, Excitel, Bharti Axa Life Insurance, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, IMS, HeroVired, Bridgestone, Kotak Bank, Yes Bank, Bridgehealth Hospitals, Max Estates, More, SPAR and Interem Relocations Security and Intelligence Services Ltd.

In today’s industry, brands must redefine CX as the customer journey is no longer linear but continuous, with expanding touch points. Kanchan emphasizes the need for seamless customer journeys that are proactive, interactive, and persistent. Frustrating experiences across channels can lead customers to stop doing business with a company. Brands must respond to customers’ expectations for flexibility and choice in their interactions.

Zykrr plays a vital role by aggregating, unifying, and organizing data from multiple sources, delivering personalized and memorable experiences. The interaction between brands and customers becomes a virtuous cycle, fueling targeted campaigns and continuous personalization. Zykrr is seen as a true CX partner, offering a modular technology platform and tailored support to meet enterprise needs.

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